Hi, I am Pedro Luis Pereanez, I am from Medellin Colombia. I graduated from High School in 2001, Graduated with half of the scholarship to go to College for a technical Criminal Justice, I studied 3 semesters, I had 1 semester left to Graduate but I had to leave Colombia because I got in trouble with the Paramilitaries (armed groups). 

I moved to the United States in June of 2003, started English classes in 2 different schools. On weekdays I was studying at night and on Saturdays, I was going to school all day. 

I took Portuguese Classes for 2 years because I thought being a polyglot was going to help me in the future.
I have always helped other people with anything they need to achieve their goals.
After finishing my language education, I started my Massage Therapy online course which after graduation I decided to build my own Massage therapy Company which I named "Luxury healing Massage". I built my own website LHM1 watching youtube videos, but I didn't do too well because I wasn't a web designer/Developer.
I decided to build a second Massage and Fitness Online Store to practice and improve on building websites so I made an Online Store. I still was not good but better than the 1st one. I took web Designer/Development courses online. I became a Google, Facebook, Android, Apple and GitHub developer and I started my web development Double PP Solutions website to help business with their business' logos, websites, embedded their services to a P.O.S so they could be able to update them and charge them from their websites, I also helped them to list their business online, with the SEO to be able to have a good rank on google. (they were happy, I was happy to be able to help them).
I started working again on my Massage therapy company's Luxury healing Massage LLC website to be able to use it on my business. I finished it and I began traveling, and I started to help individuals with their businesses to be able to invest in my own company. I travel to Washington D.C, Philadelphia, New York, Vegas and Boston. To help people with their issues such as nerve damage, spinal cord alignment, anxiety, therapeutic, deep tissue, sports, hand, foot, relaxation, and stress relief massages. 

Due to COVID-19 spread, it is no longer safe for me to conduct business. 

Luxury Healing Massage LLC was launched in August 2019. Our Mission helping the Elderly and young customers bringing tranquility, calm and relaxation into their life. 

We are opened 7 days a week from:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 8:00 am - 11:30 pm
Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Saturdays: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sundays: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm 

You can find us on:
-Google: Luxury Healing Massage LLC
-Yelp: Luxury Healing Massage LLC
-Instagram: LUXHEMA
-Angie's List: Luxury Healing Massage LLC 
-GitHub: Luxuryhealingmsg
-Square: Luxury Healing Massage LLC
-Pinterest: Luxury Healing Massage LLC 

Our Goal is to Obtain $5000 within 2 Months

Please Donate to continuing helping our customers.
It's so important to maintain our customer's treatment developing and progressing; your help will ensure to provide medical supplies, cover costs and to provide a better service's results for our Elderly and young customers with health Issues they experience with daily.
Some of these health Issues are Nerves Damage, Spinal cord Alignment, stress, and Anxiety. 

"Together we will get through this stronger"